Carefree kilometers

Hassle-free vehicle services conveniently on your way.

A sudden surprise in your vehicle’s performance?

Easy to do, self-service diagnostic test for your vehicle.

  • Determine the reason for a lit service light.
  • Reduce financial risk in purchasing a used vehicle.
  • Perform an OBD-test prior to mandatory vehicle inspections.

AutoDr provides high quality vehicle testing for your needs and peace of mind. A trusted and valued service by thousands of individual tests already performed.


The European Standard OBD emissions test detects fault codes related to emission faults found in the engine and transmission. Testing for vehicles manufactured in 2001 or later is supported. The same trusted testing process is used at vehicle inspection facilities throughout Scandinavia (Northern Europe).

Vehicle systems testing

A professional quality systems test is performed on all supported vehicle systems. AutoDr supports over 4000 car makes and 54000 different system variations. In the systems testing, the engine, transmission, airbags, brakes and climate control systems, among others, are tested for faults. The systems testing utilizes the same technology which is already in use by auto repair centers throughout Europe.

Conveniently on your way

AutoDr provides a simple self-service solution for automotive testing.

With the AutoDr automated station, you can perform OBD and systems testing easily without having to make a reservation and at a time that is convenient for you.

We provide freedom and flexibility

AutoDr Oy was founded in 2012, and specializes in providing self-service solutions, which gives the customer the freedom and flexibility to decide the time and place that is convenient for their transaction. Customer satisfaction is always kept as the highest priority at AutoDr, and our services are designed to be cost efficient and hassle free while being flexible to customer needs. New technology is continually providing new opportunities to serve, and we look to bring these convenient solutions directly to the customer.

Our employees have a high degree of education and are well experience in their areas of expertise. By building strong relationships with our business partners, we are able to realize even the most demanding solutions.

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